Things we like.

This is a page where the children are going to write about whatever they want. There are no rules just the freedom to share their thoughts and ideas. I can’t wait to see what they come up with…

35 thoughts on “Things we like.

  1. Anonymous

    My name is Hannah and I love reading Michael morpurgo books. I Like playing games like monopoly,snakes and ladders and switch sixteen.


  2. Anonymous

    I like Mach attacks
    My Favourite player is messi and John terry ,Tiago silver.
    My favourite food is mcdonalds
    I have lots of Mach attaks .
    I have my own iPad



  3. Harry

    all about minecraft
    I like spiders,
    I like Creepers,
    I like zombies,
    I like bats,
    I like witches,
    I like slimes,
    All about football
    I like Wayne Rooney.
    I like Norwich City.
    I like chealsy.
    All about me .
    I am a good friend .
    I will never heart you


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