Science Forces.



Lady Morag McGregor has directed us to investigate how to use magnets to power our time machine. We have used our understanding of magnets to design our time machines and how north and south poles react to one another. What did we find out about poles?

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Experiment 2:

Our second experiment was into the effect our time machine would have when it lands on the ground. We discussed and investigated how the size of an object affects the crater that it produces. The children created fair tests and made predictions about what the thought would happen and then wrote concluding statements to sum up their results. They measured the craters accurately and recorded their results in tables.


Experiment 3:

We looked at air resistance and how to slow our time machine down when it is falling. The children wanted to know how the size of the parachute would effect the time it took to fall. They wanted the time machine to fall slowly so that it would have less of an imapct when it hit the ground. The designed a fair test and used metre sticks to keep the height the parachute fell from the same. They timed the parachute flight using IPADS and recorded the time in tables to a hundredth of a second.


The Amazing Cress Experiment.

We have been learning about how plants grow and are investigating how changing a plants growing environment affects how it may develop.

The children have planned and organised 3 different experiments looking at the amount of light, water and soil plants receive. They have made sure it is a fair test and made predictions. We will monitor the plants as they grow and measure their height and comment on their appearance.