Science Forces 2017-18

Today, we experimented with what might happen if our time machine crashed into planet Earth. Would the size of the time machine effect the size of the crater it created?
We designed a fair experiment, made predictions and are analysing the results. What did we find out about the size of objects and the crater they create?

19 thoughts on “Science Forces 2017-18

  1. Jake

    “I learnt that u don’t get everything right and u just have to go with it and wen I did it I found it fun and good Mrcannan is the best


  2. Harrison

    I liked it when Mr Cannon dropped the basketball πŸ€ from the air because loads of flour went over the place. It made the biggest ever crater.


  3. Josh

    I learnt that the enormous big ball made the biggest and the most sentnifigent crater and the most mess of flower and coco powder all offer the dirty concreat and the flower and coco powder presents the earth and the ball presents the massive time Machine that can travel 10000 years ago when the scruffy Neolithic men or dirty Neolithic woman.


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