Rags to Riches story inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk.

3 thoughts on “Rags to Riches story inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk.

  1. josh

    “ Stanley and the Bolder
    Once upon a time in the age of rocks many years ago there lived a lovely boy called Stanley and his dads loved each other but were reducing- less money. They owned a big dark damp cobwebbed cave. Their only possession was a thick low bow called chucky butt.
    One day chucky butt and Stanley went out of the cave to hunt until he saw a homeless farmer who said “Hey boy can I trade your bow for my five magical pebbles?”
    Stanley thought about it and said “Hhhmmmm, yes sure.”
    Happily, Stanley returned home but his dad called him an idiot. He threw the magical pebbles deeper into the cobwebbed rocks. How could he be such a fool?
    When Stanley awoke the next day he saw a giant bolder with small rocks falling off it. Finally, he saw the chance of a life time. So he climbed, climbed and he climbed until he saw a bunch of one eyed dragons shooting red burning hot light, lasers! They were spinning and creating a tornado that was guarding a pile of shiny precious objects and they were saying “I smell a soul of a human.”
    Stanley got past the swirling tornado hopping he won’t die. He stole the shiny objects ran for his young life climbed down the bolder before death and they were all ways famous thanks for trading chucky butt for the five magical pebbles.

    By Joshua

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  2. freddy

    Bubble gum and the Dragon.
    Once upon a time in age of Bubble gum there lived a boy called Bubble gum. Bubble gum lived in a volcano where lava was. Then Bubble gum saw house near the volcano. But the house looked broken. So he went on an adventure to a forest but the forest wasn’t a forest it was Bubble gum land. So he ate it. It was very chewy. So he went back to the volcano and went to bed. When he woke up he saw a dragon on top of the volcano. So I climbed up with it then I tamed it . once I tamed the Dragon . I ridded it But we saw a bird so we killed it once I killed the bird I went home and cooked the bird. Once we cooked the bird I ate it then I went on my Dragon to kill pigs and chickens once I killed pigs and chickens I went to see Neolithic people And let them come home with me once we got home I made beds for them to sleep in . when I woke up I saw a mammoth in my house so we ran and ran and ran out of the house and to the village but the mammoth came Again so we went to a deferent village to sell some sloth to get a get pack but the mammoth came back so I got flying then bubble-gum came to see us he took me to the bubble-gum land where he went last time then we ate it but this time it wasn’t chewy it was soft then we lived happily ever after

    By Freddy

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  3. Summer

    Holly And The Stair Case
    Once upon a time in the age of Neolithic times there lived a little girl called Holly. She lived with her granddad and they lived in a brownish colour hut. The only thing they had was a cobweb axe. Then her granddad told Holly to get some food for tea so she went.
    Later she saw a bow and arrow on the floor , carefully she walked and walked and walked. Just then she went back to the bow and arrow she picked it up and put it over her shoulder She heard a rustle sound .It was a. . .wild boar! It was a pig. She saw a Neolithic person who wanted to give some dirty stones to her she said “ Yes,” and walked away.
    She wanted to kill the pig ,but she thought for a minute and she had a great idea! She just went to show her granddad, then she arrived home. However her granddad wasn`t happy! He chucked them out of the hut and said how could you be so silly? She had to have dinner in the morning so she went to bed hungry.
    When she woke up she saw a stone stair case going all the way up to the sky, she clambered and clambered and clambered all the way to the end. She saw a huge cave guarded by baby dragons . Then she saw a pile of golden bows and arrows. She waited and waited and waited. When the baby dragons were having their dinner she sneaked in she grabbed them and ran off.
    She told her granddad and they had enough food for the winter and Holly became a saver. But she forgot one more thing she pushed the baby dragons on the floor and her granddad will never tell her she is so silly and they lived happily ever after. THE END


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