Hungry Caterpillars

We have new additions to class 3SC, 5 new very hungry caterpillar. We will be watching their transformation into butterflies very closely and tracking their changes on our blog.

Can you think of any stories, poems or pictures that our new additions inspire you to create?

Cromer orchestra.


Today we were so lucky to have the Members of the Cromer  Orchestra. They played us music inspired by bird songs. It was a wonderful experience. What birds could you hear? How did the music make you feel?

The Amazing Cress Experiment.


The Amazing Cress Experiment.

We have been learning about how plants grow and are investigating how changing a plants growing environment affects how it may develop.

The children have planned and organised 3 different experiments looking at the amount of light, water and soil plants receive. They have made sure it is a fair test and made predictions. We will monitor the plants as they grow and measure their height, and comment on their appearance and health.