Times Tables Practice

Learn some Multiplication tricks.

2 x Table

3 x Table

4 x Table

6 x Table

7 x Table

8 x Table



Fancy some practice with your Place Value? Have a go here. See how quick you are!

Building confidence with Place Value

1OO Square Game: Find the number.

Find 10 more on the 100 square.

Find 11 more on the 100 square.

100 Square find the missing numbers Go into Numbers and Calculations, Numbers and try activity Number 7.

Here are a collection of Shape activities to support your learning.

3D Shapes

Explanation of 2D and 3D shapes

Sorting Polygons Activity

Match the 3D shapes game.

Nets of 3D shapes

Fun with shapes games

32 thoughts on “Maths

  1. i love maths it fun i like doing it when i am bored at home if i struggle i ask my mum or try it out if i cant i just ask for help and i also like spellings and writing stories and i like writing facts about things.


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