Maths methods


Here are some videos that explain how to use our mathematical written methods to calculate.

Each of the four operations use the same example calculation so you can see how each of the methods progresses throughout the years.


Expanded Addition WEJS Year 3

Vertical Addition WEJS Year 4

Compact Column Addition WEJS Year 5&6


Numberline Subtraction WEJS Year 3&4

Compact Column Subtraction WEJS Year 5&6


Grid Method WEJS Year 4

Long Multiplication WEJS Year 5&6


Numberline Division WEJS Year4

Long Division WEJS Year 5&6



Jack’s explanation of how to do missing number problems.

Using Jack’s explanation can you solve

34 + ? = 76

Reece’s explanation of how to describe a 3d shape.

Can you describe a cube?


Column addition using partitioning.

How to add 3 digit numbers in the abstract with pictoral representation to carry ones and tens.