How to use our Blog.

We are very pleased that you have decided to visit our new blog and hope that you enjoy reading about our learning adventures. Blogs are a great way for people to document and share things on the internet, we hope that this blog will act as a way of allowing children, parents and other visitors the chance to share our learning.

We welcome comments on our blog posts but in order for this to be a happy and safe online space we ask that you follow the guidelines:

1. We ask that you use appropriate language and grammar in your responses. We aim to write in full sentences with complete words in our class.

2. Children are never to be referenced with both the first and last names. “Joe” is fine but “Joe Bloggs” is not. The children are fully aware of this rule and we ask that you follow it too – even if you recognise a child’s work.

3. If photos of children’s activities and/or work are published then names will never be attached to it. We ask that you do not link names with photos in your responses.

4. Always be respectful of people’s achievements and efforts.

All of the children in our class follow these guidelines. Comments are always moderated by staff to ensure that they follow the above guidelines before publication.

9 thoughts on “How to use our Blog.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Mr can in iingoyd to day wen we ward wife year 5 from brooke😈😇😘😝😅😁😞😊😉😍😎😋😆😚😝😠😡😝😜😝😈😌😇😓😔😃😉😄😇😌😏😓😘😝😢😊😁😅😈😍😐😔😚😠😣😞😂😆😋😎😒😖😜😡😤


  2. Reece

    Mr Cannon hope u have a great time with the new 3sc and I gave your final gift in year 3 😀😀👍👍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!!


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