30 thoughts on “Book Reviews by 3SC

  1. Mr Cannon
    Book review Stig of The Dump.
    Class 3SC are enjoying reading Stig of the Dump together. It is a story for all ages but some of the words are quite difficult. It is about a young boy who has adventures with another boy who lives in a dump and seems to come from the stone age. We will let you know more when we finish.


  2. shanay

    Book reviews duck in the truck. I am enjoying the book duck in the truck because the duck is driving in the truck but Then … the truck gets stuck . All sorts of animals help push until his truck isn’t stuck anymore.


  3. Hannah


    Hannah book review: animal s.o.s the hidden puppy rescue

    This book is based on rescuing animals. It is about two young girls called Leah and Amy, who are involved in rescuing animals. In this book lots of puppies and dogs are getting a deadly dog virus. One day Amy and Leah get very excited about meeting their friend Carrie’s new puppy. But, when they arrive there is bad news… Their friend Carrie tells them that the new puppy, called Oscar, is very sick.
    Do you think the puppy has got the virus? read the the book to find out… I think this book is good because it has lots of action, making it exciting.Also, it’s sutable for evryone because it’s easy to understand.


  4. Cody

    The book what I am reviewed is ghost train so much ghost and a dog and a baby there were so much things happening in the story at the end. the gost went back home it was so much fun reading that so much happening so fun.


  5. Warren

    jamie and Tom’s secret Cretaceous world is strangely quiet and they soon discover why a meteor is heading straight for earth Boom! As a head of terrified edmontosaurs stampedes towards the enormous crater, the boys knows they have to stop them… Without getting trampled!

    I would recimend this book to boys who like adventue books

    10/10 I would give this book warren.


  6. Frankie

    The cheesemares.Okay.The cheesemares was all about where he had dreams about cheese. So he went to the house of cheese and the cow said we make children have cheesemares.So the cows took Hal to contessa von udderstein. She was very bossy. Then rufus bit her udder. Rufus told Hal to run! So he ran.The alarms rang. Ding ding.The cows chased Hal. Hal found the main entrance.He gets out.He travel back at home. The end. BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!


  7. Roxanne

    To Mr Cannon. A book is a good thing to read.When you read you get more information and you get a lot smarter.You can almost write anything in the world and when you write a story you will get you’r name moved up.So if you follow my advise it will come true! Don’t be a lazy person and watch TV all day,read a book or write a story.Just don’t be lazy! Do the right thing.And I hope you listen.From Roxanne.


    1. We used an adapted version of Jason and the Golden Fleece that Mr Hartley put his own spin on it. Wen read lots of other ancient greek stories to get inspiration and plot details. We changed the characters settings and the main events. Great question Shanay


  8. Torri 4sp

    Hello mr cannon hope your class is doing well on reading because maybe one time we should get are best books and then both 4sp and 3sc can read them the parts we think is best


  9. shanay

    Mr Cannon I think when your class get back you should read the the EDGE chronicles because your class is very creative and the book has lots of edvenchers and battles so I think your class would love it hope you read it.


  10. Neli

    Hello 3sc! It’s Neli from 5EB. I looooove stig of the dump . I would to recommend the book ,Harry Potter and the philosophers stone.

    Harry thinks he is just an ordinary boy, but no. He’s a wizard! Harry’s parents got killed when he was a baby by Lord Voldermort and to this day they are still enemies . As Harry bond with two people,Hermione Granger , a mudblood , and Ron Weasley a pure blood , Hogwarts school of whitch craft and wizardry is in great danger.

    This book is for possibly for ages 7-infinity because this series of books is for so awesome.

    From Neli in 5EB


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