English Stories 2015-16

Greek Myths and Legends.

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  1. Finley

    Ariadne and the golden cup.
    A very long time ago, an evil ugly minotaur stole the crown from his father. His nephew Ariadne challenged his uncle to a wrestling match, but evil minotaur offered him a dare.
    “I will give up the crown without a fight if you can find the golden cup.“
    “I accept!” said Ariadne.
    So, Ariadne built a swift fast ship called Icarus and mustered a crew of all the heroes of the world. First, they went to visit wise Arion. Although, he had tables full of gold as they were staring at the gold a flock of ugly birds swooped in. They were tricked so they fled shrieking.
    Gratefully, wise Arion sent them to the volcano of doom but Icarus (the boat) was breaking apart so Ariadne he jumped in the volcano where the golden cup was. He saw the cup was rested on a table but out of know where the satyr was out of his cage. He saw the minotaur, ran away so Ariadne fought the satyr.
    He was to strong but 1 hour later the satyr died. He quickly grabbed the cup and bolted.
    Triumphantly, he returned to the monster kingdom, much to the amazement and fury of the minotaur. Ariadne was an fantastic hero!

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    1. Hey there Finlay, This is a great story! I love the sound of the Volcano of Doom, it sounds terrifying and Ariadne must have been a great hero to be brave enough to jump in. I bet the Minotaur couldn’t believe it! There are lots of really cool Greek stories as well as other ones like Egyptians, you should keep reading them all, lots of great heroes and amazing monsters to find out about! Well done, this would be a great story to draw a picture of as well. 🙂


    2. Hi Finley. This is a great retelling of a classic story – very descriptive and action-packed! The Minotaur and the Satyr are scary mythical creatures indeed – although no match for the brave hero of this story! There are loads of fantastic beasts and monsters in other ancient Greek tales that I’m sure you could write equally fun stories about. You should check out the deadly sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and the terrifying cave-dwelling Cyclops (both from the story ‘The Odyssey’). Well done, and thanks for sharing this ace story – keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your next triumphant tale!


    3. Olivia

      Hey there Finley your story sounds like its a real story!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😎


  2. Reece

    The crew and the Minotaur
    A long time ago, in Athens an evil cruel cowardly King, named the Minotaur stole mostly all the food and valuable items in Athens.
    His arch-nemesis strong and mighty Icarus, and clever Arachne challenged his Serpents that never sleeps to an arm-wrestle.“ However, the coward Minotaur offered him a risky dare…“I’ll give up the food and valuable items if you can defeat me.” said the Minotaur.
    “We accept!” said the crew.
    So, they built a swift, speedy ship named the Ledger, then mustered a crew of all the heroes of the Galaxy.
    First, they went to wise Daedalus. Although, he had tables of drinks, however the dragons who had horrible scales, and blue skin then kept burping after drinking the drinks.
    The harsh crew said, “You can come with us.” said the crew.
    “How kind!” said Daedalus.
    So they went to a wild place with a horrible castle.
    So they walked and they walked and they walked, until they spotted animals then spotted a horrible terrifying castle with danger signs on it, then battled a horrible army of skeletons. As the crew did some damage they put him in a horrible cage with spiders, horrible ants and cruel bulls.
    Triumphantly, the crew returned to the capital of Athens and the crew became a whole bunch of heroes!
    Then went back home to have a nice warm tea and play to battled people and after that they had a cup of healthy water and went to Athens and celebrated happily in the island of Athens, then also went to bed and had a nice breakfast in the sunny morning.
    By Reece 3sc

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    1. Hey Reeve, this is an epic tale! I especially like how the crew managed to fight the skeletons, the spiders, the ants, and especially the Cruel Bulls! Sounds like they must have been great warriors! At least after all they’d been through they managed to get a nice breakfast, they must have been so hungry after all those battles! Make sure you keep reading these different books and turning them into your own stories as I think people love to read more!


    2. Hi Reece, thanks for sharing your story – it was riveting! The idea of an army of skeletons fills me with dread – I’m glad that the heroic crew were victorious over them! Your description of the terrifying castle with its array of threatening beasts – the spiders, the ants, and not least the cruel bulls – really added to the sense of danger. I’m not surprised the crew needed a nice cup of tea after all that fighting! I hope that you get to read about more Greek monsters and heroes, so that you can write more stories like this – and share them on here!


  3. Amir

    Arion and the magic Lamp by Amir

    A long time ago the evil King Minos stole the map to the magic Lamp his immense brother Arion challenged King Minos to a duel at the Clashing Cliffs “I accept!” said King Minos.

    So, Arion grabbed his sturdy horse called Pegasus and mustered a crew from all the heroes of the world. First, Arion went to visit wise Jason. Although, Jason had tables full of gold Jason he was as poor as a piggy because stupid harpies that look hideous kept stealing the gold.-
    “Uh, oh I’ve nearly ran out of time to battle!” said Arion

    Luckily, Jason knew where the Clashing cliff was, where rocks crumbled down and the sea went swished and swashed. King Minos was there at the Clashing cliffs before Arion was there, they fought. Suddenly, King Minos got out his muscles and Arion got out his muscles but King Minos accidently tripped over (and splosh splat).

    Arion had found his prize the map to the magic Lamp. However, Chimera(the head of a lion ,the body of a goat and the tail of the snake). “ARGH!” screamed Arion. The Chimera roared as Arion plunged in his sword. Arion quickly grabbed the map to the magic Lamp. He rubbed the Lamp and a genie popped out he rubbed it again and wished for more gold.


  4. Danny

    Jason and the enchanted book

    A time long ago there was a man called Jason. He was very brave. The bad guy was called King Minor.
    “I will give up the enchanted book if you can find the golden thrown.”
    “I accept!” said Jason.”
    “Come on lets go to the volcano.” But he knew King Minos was lying, it was at the palace.

    They got the horses and returned to the volcano. Meanwhile, Jason was at the palace it was dirty inside and mucky and there was a monster. Jason ran for his life.

    The others were at the massive volcano. The others saw the book they grabbed the book and ran for their lives.

    There was a girl in the bad boy gang and Jason and the pretty girl got Married.

    By Danny


  5. Jack

    The Argonauts and the Green Gem.

    A long time ago, an Army of skeleton stole the Green Gem. But the Argonauts offered a dare.
    “If you can find the Green Gem in the big maze you can have the Green Gem” said the Army of skeletons.
    “I accept you smelly old thing” said Argonauts.

    So the Argonauts went to get on their vast horse and set off. First, they went to see Jason, although he had no food Jason was has fat a pig. As they spoke some vast dragons swooped in with flapping wing and snapping mouths. As they fought the dragons fled shrieking.

    Gratefully, Jason sent them to a volcano, lava streamed down and sparks flew up but the horse sped throw. They Argonauts had found his Gem with green curls. However, they was a vulture was on guard and the vulture pounced with gapping jaws. But the Argonauts plunged grabed the Green Gem.
    Triumphantly, the Argonauts returned to the Army of skeletons.
    ”We have the Green Gem!”
    “Gosh” said one of the skeleton.
    The Argonauts became a very good hero!



  6. Izzy

    Medea an the bony crown
    A long time ago a shiny white skeleton stole the sceptre of Greece but his sister Medea challenged him to a dance off.
    “If you can find the bony crown, I will give up the sceptre of Greece.”
    “I accept!” said Medea

    Find the fast Horses and a mixture of people and meet Lizzy all. Although, she had tables of gold Lizzy was as poor as a bird. Lizzy sent them to the graveyard.

    Medea found the King skeleton and they had a fight. Medea WON! She found a guard crying and the guard lead her to the throne room.
    Media came home and was a Hero.
    By Izzy.


  7. Kobi

    The Argonauts and the Satyr

    A long time ago a satyr, half man half goat, stole the Green shield. So the Argonauts challenged the satyr to a wrestling match. The satyr said “I’ll give up the Green Shield if you find the Green emerald”.
    “I accept!” said the Argonauts.

    So the Argonauts built a swift speed boat. They gathered a group of fantastic archers from all over the world. They went to meet fantastic Ariadne at the city of Troy. Pegasus attacked the castle of Troy but the three Argonauts defeated Pegasus and Pegasus lay dead on the floor.

    Ariadne was grateful and sent them to the Pleasure Mountains. The Argonauts went in to the Minotaur maze and they had to fight until it was midnight. Suddenly, the Minotaur was dead. In the middle of the maze was the emerald on a pillow. The Argonauts ran away with it excitedly!

    To the amazement and fury of the satyr the Argonauts became great heroes.
    By kobi


  8. toby

    Icarus and the Minotaur
    A very long time ago an massive Minotaur named OG stole the enchanted purple book of Greece. His immense enemy Icarus challenged him to wrestle but OG offered him a dare.
    “I’ll give up the book of Greece if you can find the golden book.” Said the Minotaur.
    “ I accept!” said Icarus.

    So, he built a swift fast ship called Red Bull and mustered a crew of white horses. First, he visited Jason. Although, he had tables full of Emeralds as they took the Emeralds he had more in his cupboard a flock of pigeons swooped in with sharp claws and teeth

    Gratefully, he sent them to the clashing waterfall. But in the distance he could see the book. He ran towards it but the Minotaur was on guard so he sliced his head off and they stole the book.
    Extremely quickly, he sprinted to become a great hero and he returned home and he did become a great hero!!!!!!!!!!

    BY TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Charle

    Icarus and the golden blanket.

    A very long time ago, the army of skeletons stole the cup of love their worst enemy Icarus challenged them to a boxing fight but the army of skeletons offed him to a duel. ”I’ll give up the cup of love if you can find the golden blanket,” said the army of skeletons. “I accept!” said Icarus.
    So, Icarus jumped on his heroic horse and galloped and galloped and galloped across the desert to go and find his crew. First they went to visit wise Arachne, although his table was full of food and cups of water, Arachne was as thin as a tree trunk. As they ate and drank a flock of hideous worms Wiggled in with snail slime leading behind them they fought and the worms went wiggled shrieking.
    Gratefully Arachne sent them to the boiling volcano lava streamed down and sparks swooped up, but skilfully the horse went through Icarus had found his prize the golden blanket rested on the side of the volcano. However, a dragon was on guard, the dragon pounced on him as Icarus plunge in his sword. Quickly, he grabbed the blanket and bolted.
    Triumphantly Icarus returned to home much to the amazement and fury of the army of skeleton. Icarus became a great hero!


    1. kristal

      Hi charlie what a great story you have
      it is the most improved work that you’ve ever done and the most best work that you’ve
      ever seen, the best WORK!!!
      from Kristal.


  10. Kristal

    Princess Medea and the golden blanket .
    A very, very long time ago, King Midas, stole the Ring of Greece. But his Niece Princess Medea
    “I’ll give up the Ring without your dance off if you can find the Golden Blanket!’’
    “I accept’’! Said Medea.

    So, Medea built a swift, really super-fast ship called the Argo and asked for an Army to come with
    her on a dangerous mission , to find the Golden blanket.

    First, they went to visit wise Icarus although Icarus had tables full of paper Icarus was a clever man.
    Suddenly, a flock of scaly dragons clunked in with snapping jaws. Luckily, Icarus sent them to the volcano, People were having bonfires there. But, the Argo was well skilled, so it sped through to the City of Sparta, which was being attacked by an army of Skeletons.

    Medea told her army to charge at the skeletons it took the army one day and one night until they were defeated. Medea had found her prize! The Golden blanket, rested on one of the trees branches. Medea grabbed the blanket and bolted. Suddenly, a monster appeared
    “Charge!” shouted Medea. Then the monster was defeated.

    Triumphantly, Medea returned to Greece much to the amazement and fury of King Midas who was angry!
    By Kristal.


    1. Olivia 🐯

      Hey there Kristie your story is amazing
      you should be a real story teller. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


  11. Ruby 1

    Evil Queen
    A long time a ago, there was an evil queen called Helen of Troy. She bought the Wand of Greece off a tough bad man. The wand set people free from slavery. She offered her slave a dare.
    “I’ll give up the wand without a fight if you can find the multi-coloured Jem.” Said Helen!
    “I accept! Said Princess Medea

    So Princess Medea built a swift, fast ship called the Argo. First, they went to visit OG. Although, he had tables full of food OG was as thin as a stick. As they ate some delicious crunchy chicken a Dragon swooped in and took all of the chicken and swept away.

    The princess fought as the dragon roared and flew away. Gratefully OG sent Princess Medea to the forest. Leaves flew up and twigs fell down. Cleverly, the Argo had wheels and sped through. Princess Medea had found hara prize. The multi coloured Jem sat on a wet branch .Unfortunately, there was a burglar was on guard. As the burglar wrestled Princess Medea she plunged in her sword. Princess Medea took the Multi Coloured Jem and bolted triumphantly home.

    Prince Medea returned to Helen of Troy who had to give her the wand. Princess Mede became an awesome Hero!

    Ruby 1
    The End!


  12. Jaidyn

    Arion and the Golden Tower.
    A super time ago an evil minotaur named Jason stole the tower of gold. He challenged his enemy who was very brave to a duel. He stole the tower of gold from the clever king
    “I will give up the tower if you can find the star of Zeus.” said the minotaur.
    “I accept!” said Arion.
    So he built a swift pair of wings. It was called Twita-woo and got a crew of all the birds of the world.
    First, he visited super Bird. Although, he was very clever they started to crack some hard codes but he needed some help. A big army of Skeletons came in they was sent to the volcano but a horse was on guard. He yanked in his sword and stole the tower of gold off the volcano and ran off.
    He returned home to the amazement of Arion and fury of the minotaur.


  13. Remi

    Arion and the golden sword
    A long time ago an evil bull named Minotaur stole the golden sword. His evil brother challenged him to a building competition but the Minotaur offered him a dare “I’ll give up the golden sword without a building competition, if you can find a shiny crown.”

    “I accept!” said Arion

    So Arion built a swift fast ship called the Argonauts and found a crew of all the heroes of the world.
    First, they went to visit Jason although he had tables full of really shiny gold Jason was poor ass he is hungry.
    Gratefully, Jason sent them to the cold mountains Arion climbed over them
    Arion had found his prize the shiny crown rested on a Cliff. But a snake was on guard and it bit him
    So he defeated it by slicing his sword through the snake’s heart.

    Afterwards he went back to his wooden house and went to eat his food and went to sleep and had a peace full night the next day he got food for dinner and for tea. He loved the food he had so much, had it every day. He got a bunch of food he loved the day he had, then ate his food and also had some sleep. After he had been to sleep he had a rough day, it was so rough that he was very tired and really hurt and had his tea. Then when he woke up later in the day he didn’t feel so rough, he wasn’t hurting so much.

    He finally went to sleep and had breakfast, then diner then tea and had some sleep and woke up. A and went to find some people so he can find the Golden Fleece on his next adventure and found it then he was challenged to find the magical book.

    And Arion saved the world!


  14. Harley

    The adventure of heroes
    A long time ago an evil princess named Helen Troy stole the crystal of love. Araneda said, “Let us have a wrestling match!”
    “I will give up the Crystal of Love without a fight if you can find the Cup of Love” said Princess Helen. “I accept!” said Araneda.

    Araneda built a wooden boat and called it Buzzy Bee. She set off on her own to see Princess Media. Dragons kept attacking Princess Media and ripping her clothes and shoes. Princess Araneda and Princess Media locked the Dragons up in a mansion.

    Gratefully the Princess media sent Princess Araneda to the volcano of bodies. She climbed up the volcano, fire streamed down and rocks flew up. Skeletons rose up from the dead and the Princess fought them bravely. Suddenly she saw the Cup of Love in a stone hut. She grabbed it but set off a trap. Big rocks rolled down the volcano and she had to run really fast back to the water.

    Happily she returned home and gave the cup to Princess Helen. She became a great hero.



  15. Dylan R

    Arion and the golden book

    A long, long, long time ago there lived a cruel minotaur called Icarus [he stole the mighty Thors hammer]His nephew Arion challenged him to a…
    Fight in an arena and tip oil on them and fight! But the minotaur offered a dare. “Ill give up the hammer without a fight if you can find the golden book
    “I accept!” said Arion.
    He built a ship called the black Emerald and a group of people called the Argonorts .
    First they visited silly Jason. But the Minotaur…
    Set a trap, an army of skeletons popped out of the ground and Attacked!!
    The Argnorts won “First you must follow the yellow brick road next lava cliffs then minotaur s maze emerald kingdom [oh and err watch out for the bloodcurdling dragon!” said Jason.

    So they followed the yellow brick road and salad to the lava cliffs flaming sparks flew up and fire streamed down. Then they could see a kingdom and they went into the minotaur’s maze and snuck past the bloodcurdling dragon and took golden boock and bolted.
    He returned the mighty Thor’s hamMer and he returned the golden book and he became a great king.
    Dylan R


  16. Brandon L

    Icarus and the Golden Wrestling Cup

    A very long time ago an evil goat named Icarus stole the shiny golden wrestling cup. His awesome brother challenged him to a tennis match.
    “I accept!” said Icarus.
    So Icarus got a horse and he… galloped and galloped and galloped and he came along a very old looking man cold Jason the dragons flew down with flying hairs and snapping mouths Icarus offered his brother a duel.
    His brother, Pelias accepted the dare Pelias went to the dark and spooky cave. There were enormous bats and electric snakes flying swivelling around the room. His brother lured the snakes in the traps and Icarus used his tail to smash the bats into the trap.
    He returned with the golden wrestling cup his family celebrated with joy and Icarus became a grate king!
    By Brandon L.


  17. Finley

    Robin Hood and the evil sheriff.
    Open upon a time there was a fox called Robin Hood he lived in the keep dark forest and the evil sheriff who was a talking bull everyone money. Robin Hood would sneak into the castle and steal the money gold bars and give back to the poor people.
    One day Robin Hood sees a poster for archery competition and enter it. Robin Hood knows it’s a trap so he disguises himself he miss sum shots so they down knows it was the bird was Robin Hood.
    The evil sheriff getting people to be prisoners but Robin Hood break into the castle so he stole all the money and people free from the castle.
    They was rhino fighting the prisoners and Robin Hood then defeated the rhino and prisoners escape and Robin Hood didn’t then lucky Robin Hood escape from the castle then Robin Hood jumped into the river.
    The lady fox married Robin Hood the end.


  18. Reece's Dad

    Excellent work Reece keep up this great creative mind off yours congratulations son proud off you. 😀👍 from daddy


  19. Roxanne

    Not once but twice upon a time there lived a beautiful young girl called Ella and she lived in a orphanage for girls.She slept on a hard crooked floor and she had a torn dress to cover her so she was warm.
    “One lunchtime i’m going to get up and go ask for more food so I will told to get out of this awful orphanage !”said Ella to herself so no one could hear.So…that was exactly what she did,she went to ask for more food.It went just like the plan except she got miss Wormwood sacked until Ella found a home beyond the hills.
    So miss Wormwood gave Ella to a ghastly,old and evil man called Fred butler.
    Fred taught Ella howto pick pockets and how to steel wallets and purses. One sunny day Ella asked if she could pick pockets with Fred’s daughter Isabel. Fred said “yes”. So Isabel took Ella outside to pick pockets. Isabel sneakily stole a woman’s purse when Ella was behind her! When the woman turned around she stared at Ella and took her to be sentenced. All Ella said was that she was an orphan and homeless. With them words the lady took Ella back to her house and told Ella she was her new mother and she would treat her like her one and only daughter.
    And they lived happily ever after. The end, for now….

    By Roxanne


  20. Dylan N

    Frankie and the Tin stalk.
    Not twice but once upon a time a boy called Frankie who has lumps of mus in his hair. One day his dad told him to sell his rusty, dirty car. So he shoved it one mile but when he got there, a man who looked like Zeus and asked him a question, “Do u want tin foil?”
    “Yes” he said
    So he carried it home and showed his dad and he asked him,
    “Why have you got tin foil?”
    “Because there was a man who asked me and I said yes!” Said Frankie.
    So his dad chucked it out of the old, smashed window. Then he walked to his room and went to sleep. The next day he went downstairs and opened there back door and saw a giant tin stalk. So he ascended to a giant palace. Frankie looked up and saw points on top of a dirty, grey palace.So he ran to the big, freaky front door. Frankie banged on the door so hard it echoed all around him. The mummy giant asked Frankie,
    “Who are you?” Kindly asked the mummy giant.
    Frankie replied,
    “The poor boy called Frankie.”
    “Do you want some orange juice?” Said the mummy giant.
    Frankie shouted,
    “I would love some!”
    Whilst enjoying there drink, all of a sudden, the big, stumpy daddy giant came in,
    “I smell an englisbum!” Said angry daddy giant.
    Then he shot like a bullet into the back garden, when he got there he saw a money fleece that was made out of gold. Frankie quickly grabbed it but the daddy giant saw him. The giant crept up on Frankie but Frankie heard him coming, so quickly he zoomed back through the big, dirty palace until Frankie reached the tin stalk. Then he slides down it and got a fiery axe and chopped it down. Then he saw the giant fall from the sky when he hit the ground he felt the floor rumble. So Frankie ran to his house and shouted,
    He decided to treat his poor family with wonderful things.
    The end.


  21. Reece's

    Zach and the tinstalk

    Not twice but once upon a time, there lived a very poor boy named Zach, who lived with his selfish Mum and horrible Dad, they all lived in the bottom of England mousehole a very ancient place.
    Then selfish Mum realised that the most valuable thing was a car so Mum said to Zach “Zach we need to sell the car.” Replied Mum.
    So Zach walked and he walked and he walked with a bit of loose rope to pull the car.
    Suddenly, Zach spotted an old man with magic tins.
    “Do you wand magic tins?” Questioned the old man.
    Zach shouted “YES!”
    Then Zach stumbled all the way back home.
    Then in a silence Mum said grumpily “Give me the money.”
    Zach was very petrefied.
    Zach said “here’s the money.”
    Then Mum was really extremely stressted so she through them out the window very madly.
    Then the next day Zach looked out his window and there was a massive tinstalk that grew all the way upto the clouds then Zach climed the tinstalk and there was a massive castle like the size of Russia, then Zach looked inside and saw a ghastly giant so Zach snuck to the oven with a camouflage ladder.
    Then Zach saw a golden piggy bank, with shiny curls.
    As soon as Zach got to the golden piggy bank, the ghastly giant spotted Zach with a flash then charged after Zach as he was getting dressed.
    Zach still had his loose rope so he tied the rope on the golden piggy bank, then sprinted to the tinstalk.
    While Zach climed carefully whiles the giant chasing him, as Zach got down he thought and he thought and he thought because Zach realised the tinstalk was made out of tinsel he shouted “FIRE!” Shouted Jack.
    Then the tinstalk all melted then Zach lived happily ever after.

    By Reece


    1. Roxanne

      Hi Reecey boy!!! LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Jack

    Frank and the banana tree
    By Jack

    Not twice but once upon a time, there was a poor boy called Frank. He had rickety clothes, his hair was messy with lumps of mud in it! He hadn’t had a wash since he was a child and now he is 23 years old. He lived in a house next to the mountain. The house had shattered windows and some of it had fell down, it had been there for decades. There was a little pond next to it with fish in which were slim and horrid. Frank also had a horse called joe, he was feeble and crazy!
    One gloomy afternoon in the horrible house, Frank’s mum who was to cowardly to leave house told Frank “you must go and sell our feeble and crazy horse as we need to make some money.” So frank went with his horse who was only 3 years old to the market. When he arrived at the fancy market, which had lovely bright lights which flashed different colours. The old man who was behind the stall came out to frank “would you like these beans, I just found them in one of our boxes, I think they are magical!!!” he said excitedly. So frank offered the horse in exchange for the beans, and off he went home. When he arrived home he burst into the house, ran to his mum and told her what he had got! She was so angry about it she nearly had steam coming from her ears. She grabbed them from out of his hand and lobbed them out of the window. So they all went to bed hungry.
    The next morning Frank strolled into the kitchen and observed out the window, but he couldn’t see and there was something in his way. He rapidly ran outside and saw an immense banana tree which was so towering it was as high as the sun. Frank being very fearless like a lion, raced up the tree. There was an enormous well built castle which was stunning. He gradually staggered towards the castle and knocked on the huge door. The door opened and the god Rhea said “go and hide in the cupboard, Cronus will be back soon” He goes and hides in the cupboard and waits until Rhea and Cronus go upstairs. He runs out past the golden piggy bank, grabs in and runs back down the banana tree. Suddenly a big giant was chasing him, so when he got down, he rushed and reached for the flint and steel and burnt the banana tree down, it crumbled to the floor with the giant on and it all vanished!
    Frank took the piggy bank, pops the lid open and then he finds £2,000,000!!! He roared with joy and his mum and his brother rushed through to see what was happening. “WE ARE RICH!!” said frank loudly. They all jumped around with joy for the rest of the day. When they woke up the following day the agreed to rebuild the house, to make it like a castle and live like Kings and Queens for the rest of their lives, and they lived happily ever after.
    The End


  23. Ruby 1

    Not twice but once apon a time, there was a Girl called Cinderella. She had a Dog calld Roxiy she always roll in mud. Cindrella does so much chare’s but she never got paid. So she thought… She decided to go nexdoor.

    She did the washing up. She got tied but she carried on.Then she did the gardening after that, she got her dress very mucky.When she got back she saw a Gold letter .When sheopend the letter it seid”Dere Cindrella you are invited to the ball p.s princ of LONDON”. When she read it she went up to har bedroom to get a beautiful dress . She cried,cried and cried. She didn’t have a buetiful dress. She said to har self”I wish I had a dress”.

    Har mice over hard har say it so thay slowly made a dress!

    When she saw the bueatiful dressm she loved it.When she got to the grand ball hare sisters Brock it She was so up set she ran home har fairygodmufer was there she said “mack this dress come a life”! But she still need singing to get har there .So one mare time she said the mojic wards mack this carij come a life .So of she went she hat Toby xpcwiv she only had in till 12:00 When she gotnther the prince chos hare that had a Dan’s .But the clock struck 12:00 She ran faster then she ever have she lost har cristl gllas sliper.

    The prince sarcht day and night he came to the last haws in tawn he finly fawnd the girl before you no it that got married in a chare with lots of people
    THE END!


  24. Amir

    Brandon And The Baked Beanstalk

    Once upon a time, in an old, rickety and broken house, lived a very poor eight year old boy named Brandon. He lived there with just his dad and pig since his mum had passed away. Brandon loved climbing trees, so he always climbed over his neighbours garden fence to get sweet, juicy green apples, because he was always hungry.

    One day, Brandon’s dad told him that he had to take The pig and sell it to get them some money. But he ended up being tricked by an old man with an eyepatch and colourful cloak, who handed him a hanky and said that there was money inside. When Brandon got home and checked inside the hanky, he was really upset to find just a pile of baked beans!!! He felt like such a fool, he threw the baked beans from his window and cried himself to sleep.

    The next morning, when he looked out from the window, there, to his amazement, stood a towering baked beanstalk!!! Because Brandon loved climbing so much, he couldn’t wait to give this a try! He climbed and he climbed and he climbed and he sweated and he sweated and he sweated, it must have been at least one hundred feet tall, Eventually he reached the top. He couldnt believe his eyes when there in front of him, was and enormous, cool castle, it was like an Ancient Greek Parthenon.

    Brandon entered the castle where a giant giant stood right there in front of him! In the corner of the room, laid a beautiful Golden Fleece, which shone like a million diamonds, Brandon saw this would be the answer to all his and his dad’s problems forever, so he grabbed it as quick as he could and made a ran back to the top of the baked beanstalk. He climbed down as fast as his arms and legs would take him. When he reached the bottom, he got out a chainsaw and cut it down. It came crashing down with the giant who died when he hit the ground.

    The next morning, Brandon was amazed to discover that the Golden Fleece had sprouted another one and it did the same every single day after. Each day he sold one and him and his dad bought their own cool castle and they never worried about being poor ever again. They lived VERY happily ever after.

    The End


  25. Ruby1

    Ruby1 Frozen
    Not twice but once upon a time, There was a girl named Elsa she lived with her sister called Anna. But she never could see her sister because she was magic.

    Every day Anna went to her door and said “do you want to build a snow man.” But she always said No! two years later it was Elsa’s coronation.

    they had a party. Every one in the world was invited Anna ate lots of food! And Elsa just had a dance!

    Elsa looked at a boy named Harry and fell in love! on the day they got married! Anna was the bridesmaid and Christoph was the page boy and they lived happily ever after.
    THE END!


    1. Jamie

      Yeah,nice story Ruby. I like the description and the part where you said Elsa looked at a boy named Harry.
      From Roxanne! 🙂 🙂


  26. Olivia 🐯

    Mr Cannon can you please make a blog post on making stories at home?🇵🇱🇪🇦🇸🇪🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒


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