Coded communication to Luke Abbott.

23 thoughts on “Coded communication to Luke Abbott.

  1. Leyland

    To my family, I am going on a trip to the Stone Age. I may not come back. I love you and hopefully I will come back soon on Christmas Eve. Love from Leyland


    1. kristal

      Dear family i am writing to you just i case i do not return from my
      dangerous mission back to the stone age p,s love you yo much!


  2. Toby

    Dear mum and dad . If I don’t get back from the Stone Age it will be because I am dead or I’m in danger. I’m sorry that I have been mean to people but I will be a hero. I love you so so so so so so so so so so much.



  3. Brooke

    To mum dad Ella. I’m goin on a dangerous
    mission I may not come back. I wil try to avoid danger. I’m scared I may die . Tell Ella I love her . Love Brooke bye. X


  4. Amir

    Dear Family your the best Family in the world. I’m going to Stone Age if I don’t return assume that im dead or late. love and kisses Amir


  5. Hayden

    “Dare Famliy :
    I love you all Max I will never stop thinking about you, and Mommy I love you with all my hart,
    if I don’t come back I’l be dead! I love you both.


  6. Mr Cannon

    Log entry: Monday 23rd November.

    Today was our first mission back to the
    Neolithic period of history. Caleb was our
    navigator and he set the time machine to
    7000 years ago. Lady Morag wanted us to
    investigate henges. We landed safely and then went out in small scouting groups. We found
    3 separate henges.
    Serpent Henge looked like a a snake emerging from the ground.
    Meeting henge had a roof over it and we thought it would be for meetings like a council of elders.
    Training Henge was where we thought young warriors might train ready for battle or to hunt.
    We also saw a burial area near an old twisted tree.


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