The Battle of Medway.

Here are our News stories we wrote after re-enacting the Battle of Medway. We are also currently making movie trailers using I-movie that we will upload soon. The children wrote the articles as a Hot writing task and have now been editing and improving the vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling and grammar. A lot of hard work has gone into them. Lets see who is first to add!

18 thoughts on “The Battle of Medway.

  1. Kieran


    Yesterday, the Romans started a massive battle against the Celts because the Celts did not want to be ruled by the organised Romans! The Celts wasted Javelins by throwing them at the Romans and later on the Romans captured the Celts! The Romans destroyed the Celts chariots and the king’s quote was “Let’s stop this battle I am bored!”


    The Romans sent 20,000 fighting men who had metal shoes, hard armor, safe helmets, swords and shields! The Celts fought fiercely because they wanted to protect their country and the Romans wanted to take over the Celts country! In the end the battle was over.

    The Celts would kill the prisoners or deposit them in jail! The Celts lived in modest houses and the Celts had a Queen! The Romans are planning another battle for the River Thames!

    Reporter: Kieran.


  2. Matt

    At the frosty sun rise of Tuesday morning the Romans attacked the terrified Celtic tribes along the River Medway because they refused to pay their taxes.

    The Romans paraded along the river bank showing of their brilliant strength and superior amour. The Celts were distracted by the cunning Romans because they march along the river Medway. Emperor Claudius commented “We want to get their silver and gold and tin”.

    The Roman army split in two groups, one of the troop sneaked up and broke the chariots. A battle took place at the river Thames. Also they took the naughty people to the prison. The Romans attacked the Celts with dangerous knives, swords and a very pointy javelins.

    Reporter: Matt


  3. Warren

    A battle took place when the crazy Celts refused to pay the Rank Romans taxes, because the Celts have gold silver and tin and they do not want to share it. The battle will be taking place at the river Medway near the River Thames.

    Now the battle is taking place any time now .The Romans are showing off how flashy they are! The Romans said “we will win” the Celts stopped for a minute thinking that we might be getting killed.

    May be getting hurt then one Celt says “don’t listen to them” they might die harry died quickly and many got killed the Romans had the victory the Celts wanted a rematch.
    Reported by warren


  4. Amelie


    When the sun came up on Tuesday morning, Reports say that war is coming!
    A grate battle has been planned by the River Medway. The Romans attacked the Celts because they knew that the Celts had lots of gold, silver and tin minds and wanted to mind them.

    Emperor Claudius has commented that, “We will drive them from our shores!”
    As the Romans made their way to the battle two people dropped all of their weapons and went across the river and destroyed all of the Celts chariots. Twice previously the Roman have attacked the Celts but been defeated by are brave Celtic worriers! Could it be a victory for the Celts?

    There was a fierce battle by the River Medway the Romans defeated the Celts in the battle but will they win the war? Two Celtic worries were kept as slaves will this be the end of Britannia as know it a grate battle is accepted soon!!!


  5. Frankie


    When dawn rose in the morning, the Romans got up and attacked the Crazy Celts. The Romans wanted to rule the land and have the tin, gold and silver. They were at the River Medway, they were battling!
    Furiously, the Celts threw their javelins at the prepared Romans, but badly targeted over their heads and missed. Hench, strong Romans secretly broke the chariots which annoyed the Celts. This led to the battle where they killed each other. However, the Romans defeated the Celts.
    A Roman scout has been captured. The cheeky Romans killed the Celts with hard metal swords and might have rested. Will the Romans win ?
    Reported by Frankie


  6. Woody

    Yesterday there was a Battle at Medway against Celt vs. Romans. While the Celts where getting wound up by the Romans so the Celts Threw there javelins in fear. Two highly trained Romans went around the fort and destroyed their Chariots and let are Cavalry free… Then there was a great Battle at Medway the rancid Romans attacked the crazy Celts with razor sharp pointy knives, sharp as Zeus’ lightning bolt. Many Celts were killed and many people where capture and Harry was killed. So we had to retreat to the river thanes
    Reported by Woody.


  7. Georgia.s

    WAR IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday, at the River Medway, the Romans came to fight because the Celts did not pay their taxes. One of the Celts said “Who are they?” and Emperor Claudius said “We are the Romans!” “But what are they doing here?” cried another Celt. “I do not know” said another.
    The Romans growled and the Celts attacked!
    Many people was killed. Oh no Harry is dead he was very nice on the Celts team.
    The Celts commanded horribly for a rematch! The Romans had to exercise everyday so did the Celts.
    Emperor Claudius said we will win for good!”
    That night 2 Romans scows sneaked when the Celts was sleeping the Romans unravelled the charsets and the horse.
    Then the Celts woke then they charged !” Kill , kill ,kill !”Moor people got killed .
    One of the Romans got cached. Then the Romans retreated.
    Could this be the end of Briana As we know it?


  8. Hannah


    Early on Tuesday morning as the sun came up a great battle took place between the fierce Romans and the crazy Celts. All because the Celts had not paid their taxes of money, gold, silver and tin.

    The Romans had started to march up and down the river Medway which annoyed the Celts very much. So suddenly the Celts fired their arrows extremely angry of being mocked and wound up by the Romans, but the Romans were lucky because the Celts missed their aim and wasted all their arrows.

    Two sneaky Roman spies, highly trained and confident, were sent across the river shortly after the Celts had fired their arrows. They set loose their Cavalry and ruined their chariots; they also killed many, and took prisoners. They tortured some and turned some into slaves.

    The remaining Celts retreated to the river Thames to get help and one Roman general has said “We will fight them till they give up!” Could the Celts survive or will they surrender and give up?

    Reported by Hannah


  9. Harry

    ROBBING Romans

    In the early hours of yesterday morning an incredible battle took place. It was a battle between the organised Romans and the bonkers Celts running riot. It was on Tuesday at the river Medway. Because the romans wanted their gold, silver and tin.

    The Celts wasted some javelins and missed every single one of them. Then the Roman legions split into two and the Celts got tortured killed. Will the Celts ask for a rematch. Celtic warrior “We may have got beaten but it dissent matter that some of us died but it matter that we tried our hardest. “Emporia Glades “I’m happy that we smashed those unorganized Celts. “ The Romans paraded along the river bank showing of their strength and superior armorer The romans tested the Celtic defences .The Celts furiously throw there javelin’s crazy .2 Celts were capture and chariots were destroyed .Could this be the end of Britannia as we know it . The knives were like razor sharp crocodile teeth with blood, blue fly ’ s , green fly’s, black fly’s.


  10. Olley

    The best day the battle happened by the River Medway. The Celts versus the Romans. The Celts were was wasting spears by missing their targets, the Romans were happy! Just as Romans was sneking bhid us and cilling us wars we was a asleep we had to ritit fo ar live s aaaaaaa but lis is not the END of the Roman. A grat war happened kood this be the confine of Roman as we noit the best battle happened.


  11. Ashveer

    Rampaging ROMANS

    Yesterday a mean battle took place at the river Medway Romans verses Celts. The Celts didn’t want to pay the Romans taxes .The Celts had gold, silver and tin, and the organised Romans wanted it. The Romans swam across the river Medway. The Celts threw javelins and they hit not even one Roman. So the Romans celebrated and they said ha-ha. Two Romans split and they ripped chariots the Celts were furious about the chariots.then the Celts fought bravely hall army and 20,000 fighting men came. And the Romans won two Celts where taking to prison.
    Reported by Ashveer


  12. Taylor


    A great battle between the undefeated Romans and the nutty Celts had started at the river Medway the Romans charged as angrily as ever! The Celts were all over the place and the battle went on and on. Hardly any one was killed at the beginning but a lot of the insane Celts died later. It lasted day and night.

    It all started when the Celts didn’t give the Romans there precious gold, tin and silver on Wednesday.
    Much later Emperor Claudius had enough. ‘I have had enough of this battle, I mean the Romans amour is as strong as shark teeth and fins.’ He captured all the Celts. Could this be the end of the nutty Celts?

    The Romans claimed victory, the Celts were chained but one grabbed a key with his foot and freed all the Celts, while the Romans was partying. The Celts tried to escape but there was 2000 guards. It was risky but they escaped without getting spotted, or did they? The battle of Medway isn’t over yet. Reports say the Romans were helped buy a traitor.

    Reporter: Taylor


  13. Finley

    It all started on Tuesday when the Romans attacked the Celtic tribes beside the river Medway. Meanwhile, Romans VS Celts. Why? They warred, they warred and they warred!

    The Celts wasted their spears by throwing them angrily at the Romans. The Romans split into 2 groups and destroyed their chariots .The Romans asked questions, the Celts retreated towards the River Thames .

    The Romans killed and angrily persecuted some anxious Celts. Could this be the end of Celts as we know it?

    Reporter: Finley


  14. Leo

    It all started on a cold and stormy Tuesday morning .When the Romans started to invade the great and crazy Celts!!! The Romans were acting serspchois. “Hmm I think the Romans are making a plot” said Flin. Suddenly the Romans started to move in. “They where very neat not like us.”
    Sudenly , down the river Medway and in to the sun lite . Came out Emperor (54) the Romans have started to attack , it was sword to sword ,spear to spear. Loads of dead people ,on the floor gavid arms, legs and even heads! Two got cort“ I think it will be the end of Britania”Reported by leo


  15. Shanay


    On an amazing Tuesday morning the coo coo Celts and the Romans had a battle but before they had a fight they needed to get ready. Could the agonized Romans win? The battle was near the River Medway. They had a fight because the Romans wanted silver tin and gold. “I hope we get the silver tin and gold” said the Romans.
    It all started like this. The Romans marched along the River Medway with the Celts throwing javelins. They started fighting. When the Celts were sleeping the Romans damaged the chariots, then they had the big fight. Some of the Celts got killed and some got caught and got into the dungeon but if you be naughty you die.
    The Iceni retreated to the River Thames to trig to escape from the constable Romans.
    Reported by Shanay


  16. Torri

    Legendary legends
    Yesterday the great battle was between the Celts and the Romans .The battle was at the river Medway .A battle happened because the Celts refused to pay the Roman taxes and the organise Romans, wanted the crazy Celts bright gold, silver and tin .The Celts wasted there javelins because they throw and missed .The Romans have 20,000 strong fighting men and the Celts only have 10,000 brave men . The Romans was split in two groups one group was crossing the river and the other group was distracting the Celts .While the group getting sharp javelin thrown at them the others were destroying all the chariots .There are 1000 prisoner’s that has bin catered and the Celts also win.


  17. Cody

    ROBBING ANGRY ROMNS The best day happend the battle started at the River Medway it was against the crazy Celts and the organised Romans because the Celtics did not pay their taxes.
    Two of the Romans snuck up on the Celtics and destroyed their chariots when the Celts were asleep then the battle happened at the River med way .
    The Romans wins but one of the Celtics died and one staed alive.
    Then the Celtice asked if eny more wanted to fight but no one wanted to .
    Emprer cloudus says don’t stop I want yore golde and yore silver .
    After the battle the Cltice retret the River thames the Romans took prisenis out of prisen and make them fight for them but coad this be the end of Britania as we know it . but the Romans did not want to stop the fight and the Romans were attacking ther island wen the crazy Celtic wer asleep.
    The Romans attacked the crazy Celts with ther dangeries sharp knive/very sharp sword /really sharp javerlings.went to the
    The Romans wasted ther javelins by missing ther taget and missing the crazy Celts and the crazy Celtce laved at the ogernised Romans and the Romans were very angry and the Celts said we want a remach and the Romans sed alrit then but if you lose you will not get a never fight agenst us and if we lose we will not get a fight agenst you .
    So the battle started and this time the Celtice wins and the Romans lost .
    So one day all theRomans went to the Celtice and asked the Celts we want a re mach with you Celtce sed remember what you said wen we wen the battle but the Romans just fight and killed all of the Celts


  18. Elijah

    The Battle of Medway

    Yesterday a battle commenced at the river Medway . The Celts were facing the Roman. The Romans were in a square. The shields were protecting the Romans. The Celts split up and so did the Romans. The Celts were sneakily throwing spears at the Romans. Some of the Romans were in the water then they got out. The Celts started running towards the Romans, then they charged. The Celts surrendered because they had no armour. The Celts sat down and put their hands up, but they actually faked it and stabbed thee Romans in the heart.
    But there was one celt left and they throde there speres at the same time and the speres rebounde to wads the gise and hit them and tey diide and there team mats fot I hope we reech them in good time to help. From Elijah os. The end.


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