The Amazing Cress Experiment.


The Amazing Cress Experiment.

We have been learning about how plants grow and are investigating how changing a plants growing environment affects how it may develop.

The children have planned and organised 3 different experiments looking at the amount of light, water and soil plants receive. They have made sure it is a fair test and made predictions. We will monitor the plants as they grow and measure their height, and comment on their appearance and health.

30 thoughts on “The Amazing Cress Experiment.

  1. James and Viktoria

    They are looking really really good and healthy you know what I’m talking about yeah!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ƒ from James and Viktoria


  2. Evie and Carlton

    We made cress and my partner thought cress A would grow the most but cress B grew the most and It was all green tall and long.C did not grow at all it had no water but A had a lot of water B had some water. We think B has won.


  3. Imogen & meghan and Morgan

    A has grown the most cress.
    B has the least amount of cress.
    C has no cress.

    A healthy and green
    B wet and little growing
    C nothing


  4. Tyler and Alexi

    Cress A had the most water and looks green and quiet straight and healthy .
    Cress B was 5mm long and its short and it’s all mushy .
    Cress c was 0 mm long and none of it had grown.


  5. Cody and Lily 3sc

    Experiment 1 was fun when you dropped the ball in the flower and when we dropped the little ball’s I liked it because I like mesmerising


  6. Imogen & meghan and Morgan

    Cress A had the most amount of growth.
    Cress b has grown a little bit.
    Cress C has not grown at all.
    Cress A had the most water and Cress C had no water.


  7. Carlton&Evie

    Today is Wednesday and my prediction was that cress A would grow the most my partner thought Cress A Would fro the most but my prediction was right! Cress A is not healthy at all but cress B is healthy & C still din’t grow B is green!


  8. Kaitlyn and Benny

    We have been experimenting about cress.Cress A grown the best because it had
    lots. Cress B grown a little because it had some.Cress C because it had nothing.


  9. Lily & Cody

    Cress A was really cool and good and it’s the best because it’s green and tall.Cress B is all at the side but it is still good because it’s green. Cress C is rubbish because it is all under the soil and because it’s got loads of soil.


  10. Viktoria and James

    The best cress was A because it had most water and was growing good and it was tall. B was doing fine but had dried out C was still growing nothing STILL πŸ˜‡


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