World Book Day 2017

It’s so much fun teaching these book worms! They have really made a lot of effort with their costumes.

In Guided Reading we are writing stories about the story characters we are dressed as. Each child writes a line of the story then passes it on to the next child. Hopefully, we should have some interesting plots as Wonder Woman is sitting next to Captain America and Batman is on the same table as the Queen of Hearts and Flying monkey.

4 thoughts on “World Book Day 2017

  1. Ebony

    Hi I’m meghans cousin and I have a story.
    The argument.
    Once upon a time when it was a dark and stormy night. There lived two twins and one was called little red riding hood and her twin was called red riding hood,and they lived with super heroes and, there was a big argument between them all, and Wonder Woman, iron man,captain America and bat man,and they had a very big argument. But they couldn’t fix the problem.
    The End


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