9 thoughts on “Trireme building

  1. Mrs Salter

    These were great fun to make. The clay was a bit tricky, because it kept drying out but you were all very resilient and made beautiful boats.


  2. Meghan

    The hardest thing building my ship was that the clay was to hard and I couldn’t roll it and I could not do the shape of the ship for.

    And the sail is to evil and will scare every one away.

    We all rowed together.


  3. Hayley

    Hi my name is Hayley and the hardest part of making my trireme was roling
    out the clay.I put muduser on my sail to make it look fearless.we did to make it more faster.


  4. evie

    i found it really hard with actually making the trireme like making sure the clay didn’t get hard but it did get a little bit hard. And the thing i liked about it was was painting it


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