National Poetry Day October 5th 2016.

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Today, in our library session everybody read out loud the last word that they read during independent reading – this is the list that we ended up with.

late      grew    time   librarian    on    kung-fu    crazy    professor    lived     skylander  of    grab    very    who    warrior     horrible     make     this     thanks-giving     death  again    attention    achievement      Jedi    cry      below    course.

We used these words to try to write a nonsense poem.

Here is our first attempt.

This grew on Kung-Fu warrior who makes Thanks-Giving late of course!

Crazy librarian lived very horribly, Professor Jedi grabbed death again.

This Skylander cries below.

By 3SC and Mrs Smith.

Stone Age Boy.

Here is our current Talk for Writing story called Stone Age Boy. The children have learnt it off by heart with actions and can perform it accurately.

An amazing thing once happened to me.
I was putting some books in the cupboard when I noticed a red button on the wall.
I pushed it and I found myself falling down, down, down.
When I woke up, I was in a dark place. I could see daylight and I stumbled towards it.
Outside, everything was different. I realised I was lost but I walked and walked and walked.
Then I saw a girl. She was about my age but she didn’t look like me.
She took me home to her family. They looked strange but they were kind to me. I couldn’t understand them but I found out the girl was called Om.
Later, we went to the river and Om and I watched the men fishing with their spears held high.
Suddenly, a boy ran from the hills shouting.
Slowly, we crept forward until we saw a reindeer!
We ran towards it, yelling, and threw our spears.
A spear struck the reindeer in the side and it fell to the ground.
Suddenly, I found myself falling down, down, down.
When I woke up everybody had gone.
I was back in the cupboard. Was it a dream? Maybe…

Gressenhall Neolithic day 3rd October 2016.

Today we went to Gressenhall in Dereham for a Neolithic day. The children learnt about Neolithic farming and the effect it had on Britain. We ground wheat into flour, built shelters out of animal skins, sticks and string. We studied special objects and artefacts and learnt how to hunt with Neolithic weapons like spears, bows and arrows and throwing sticks. It was a fantastic day and the children behaved excellently.


What was your favourite part of the day and why?