Year 4 Anglo Saxon Museum day.

Today we were invited to the year 4 Anglo Saxon Museum day. Both year 4 classes had worked incredibly hard on exhibiting all of their learning this year. We saw how they were making birch fences, cooking honeyed treats and all the arts and crafts they have made.

Next, we went into the hall to do a carousel of great activities which deepened our understanding of life in Anglo Saxon times.

A massive thank you to year 4 for all their hard work and enthusiasm, we really enjoyed it!

Gospel Touch Choir

On Friday the 11th March we had a lovely start to our day with the Gospel Touch choir visited us and ran gospel singing workshops all day. We had a singing competition with some smooth dance moves thrown in! Here are some pictures and videos showing what we got up to!

Building an Ancient Greek Parthenon.


Today we had an architecture workshop where we learned how to build the Ancient Greek temple the Parthenon.

Uni = 1

Bi = 2

Tri = 3

First we made tripods. Then we made Triangular based pyramids. We then combined 4 triangular based pyramids to make a bigger pyramid.

Next we made L shapes with 2 poles and combined them to make squares. We combined each square to make giant rectangles which were the beginnings of our Parthenon’s roof.


After we made the roof we split into lifters and pushers. We lifted the roof up and pushed the tetrahedron supports underneath to hold it up. The children worked really hard as a team and co-ordinated their efforts to lift the roof whilst continually supporting the weight. It was a highly impressive sight to see.