Visit from Billy Bob Button

Today we were lucky to have a visit from published children’s author Billy Bob Button. He has written 13 books in 17 years and came to give a writing workshop to years 3/4. He gave us lots of top tips to improve our settings, plot and most importantly characters!


Billy Bob Buttons is a young talented author. On top of being a secondary school English teacher, he is also a pilot.
Born in the Viking city of York, he and his wife, Therese, a true Swedish girl from the IKEA county of Småland, now live in Stockholm and London. Their twin girls, Rebecca and Beatrix, and little boy, Albert, inspire Billy Bob every day to pick up a pen and work on his books.
When not writing, he enjoys tennis and playing ‘MONSTER!’ with his three children.
He is the author of the much loved, The Gullfoss Legends, Rubery Award finalist, Felicity Brady and the Wizard’s Bookshop, UK People Book Prize runner-up, TOR Assassin Hunter and TOR Wolf Rising.
I Think I Murdered Miss’ is his ninth children’s novel and recently won The UK People’s Book Prize.



Safer Internet Day 2016

Today is safer internet day, where we learn to be safer on the internet. Try the safer internet day quiz.

What have you learned today about how to be safer on the internet? Your challenge is to name three ways that you and your friends and family can stay safer on the internet.




Competition: Design a safer internet day poster and give it to your teacher. I’ll take a photo of them and add them to this page. A good poster will have: information about how to stay safe, bold and bright colours, a catchy slogan and a colourful picture. 

Pages and activities for teachers

Advice for parents and carers.

Ancient Greek mythical creatures.

As part of our inquiry into Ancient Greece we have been learning the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. We watched Jason and the Argonauts on Friday, then designed and made our own mythical beasts combining lots of different scary creatures. Here are the results. Which one is your favourite and why? If you can’t see the name of the beast then describe what creatures you think it is made of.