Introduction to fractions.

Today we had an amazing maths lesson in the hall with all of year 3 and some help from year 6. We played a Neolithic fraction game where we raced animals across a swamp to escape a hunter. The children used dice to select a fraction ladder then rolled a second dice to decide the number of ladder rungs to move their creature. The children had to get their animal to safety before the hunter caught them.

  1. Which ladder was best to get you across the swamp quickest, and why?

2. What number was the best to roll on a dice to get you across the swamp quickly?

3. If I had 15 jumps to go to get to the end? How many dice rolls could it take? A good answer will give 3 different combinations of dice rolls that would get you to 15.

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Complete the questions and earn SMILEY’S!!!!!!!!! Maths head switched ON!!!

How tortoise got his shell.

Here is our story path for how tortoise got his shell. I apologise about tiger looking like a lion. I do know what tigers look like. However, it seems I cannot draw them.

thee children can practice rebelling the story from the pictures and you can support them with the accuracy of their re telling. We are having a lot of fun with some of the actions.


How tortoise got his shell.
Once upon a time the birds did not know how to fly. But, one day, crow discovered that if he flapped his wings, he soared high above the trees.
First, he told tiger but tiger just roared!
Next, he told elephant but elephant just blew his trumpet!
After that, he told giraffe but giraffe just laughed!
Finally, he told his friend tortoise who believed him. So the two friends decided to climb to the top of the mountain to show all the birds how to fly. They climbed and they climbed and they climbed till they came to the top of the mountain.
Suddenly, crow jumped off the top and spread his wings so that he soared high above the clouds. All the birds cheered noisily!
Then silly old tortoise decided to help his friend so he too jumped off the top.
At that moment, he realised that he did not have any wings. He tumbled down and down and down…. until he smashed on the rocks below.
Immediately, all the birds of the air flew down to help tortoise.
And so it is to this very day that you can still see where all the birds of the air put tortoise’s shell back together again, piece by piece.