The night before Christmas writing challenge.

This weeks writing challenge is to describe what it feels like for a child the on Christmas Eve. Imagine you are at home awaiting the arrival of Santa. Who is there? What are you all doing? How do you feel? Will you get any sleep? Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? Have you put out carrots for Rudolf and a glass of milk for Santa?


Your challenge is to describe the night before Christmas 2-5 sentences. Carefully choose your vocabulary and make sure you use Capital letters, Full stops, Commas for lists and exclamation marks to show excitement(shi-ha!).

Instructions on how to play dominos.

Today in maths we explored using dominos to look for patterns and to solve numerous problems. The session went brilliantly and the children finished with learning to play dominos a perfect game to share with friends and family and a great sharing activity over the Christmas holidays. Here is a link to a youtube video which could help to explain the rules to a newcomer. We will continue to use dominos in class but if anyone has a game at home, take a picture and send it to the blog.